About Gig Buddies for Good Mental Health

Gig Buddies for Good Mental Health (or GBMH) covers Brighton & Hove and the immediate surrounding area, and matches adults experiencing Mental Health challenges with a volunteer who has similar interests, to go to events together that they both love.
The project is run by Synergy Creative Community CIC, and is in partnership with local charity Stay Up Late, who created the original Gig Buddies model for adults with Learning Disabilities. The idea behind GBMH is to enable people experiencing Mental Health needs to enjoy all the great things going on in their community, especially live music.

How the project works

We match each participant to a volunteer, and pairs are matched according to common interests and musical tastes. Gig buddy pairs then meet, plan what they’ll do together, and get together for a minimum of once a month to go to a gig, concert, club night, art gallery, or other cultural event.

GBMH is a project for people who live in Brighton & Hove, and the immediate surrounding area, and is designed for individuals with mild to moderate mental health needs, who are able to live fairly independent lives but need an extra bit of support, social engagement and fun! Unfortunately we are unable to support people with longer term, severe and enduring Mental Health issues at this time.

Volunteering made easier

The project aims to make volunteering easier for people in and around Brighton & Hove, by enabling volunteers to go to gigs they’d be going to anyway, but whilst accompanying someone with Mental Health needs.This means they’ll be sharing their passions with each other and be able to fit their volunteering around their other commitments.

No particular experience or skills are required, other than being friendly with a good sense of humour! Training and support is provided, and all volunteers are police checked to ensure we are all thinking about the safety of the people we support.

Volunteer expenses are covered up to £10, and there are a number of opportunities to get free gig tickets with certain venues and promoters locally. Luckily since Brighton is such a thriving music hub there are also plenty of free and low cost gigs going on already!

Peer support in action

Our many years of experience at Synergy Creative Community working with vulnerable adults in peer-led settings has shown the immeasurable impact of peer support on group and individual well being, as well as recovery.

We therefore believe in putting participants at the forefront of our service, and will be running regular GBMH advisory group meetings and socials, where we will gather feedback, ideas, and get together to do something creative.

The GBMH project will also recruit volunteers who have themselves overcome mental health challenges in the past, as we believe individuals with lived experience of Mental Health issues are hugely equipped to help and support others to do the same.

Get in touch!

If you would like to become a gig buddy volunteer or participant, or refer someone you think would benefit, please get in touch using the details below.


GBMH, Synergy Creative Community
c/o Community Base,
113 Queens Road,
Phone: 07877 574212

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